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Week of 5/21
  • Friday 5/25: NJSIAA Sectionals (Home)
  • Saturday 5/26: NJSIAA Sectionals (Home)

Coach   Head Coach

Ronn Flaim

roster   Roster

First Name Last Name Grade Level
Gabriel Asuncion 12
Khaliel Burnett 12
Nate Cox 12
Joseph Fisher 12
Austin Fox 12
Bill Goldsborough 12
Keon Grady 12
Tymir Kizee 12
Billy Mayhew 12
Nick Petriello 12 (GCIT)
Phil Pierson 12
Dom Pugliese 12
Dylan Senatore 12
Will Sneathen 12
Mike Szwed 12
George Tenenberg 12
Dan Antonelli 11
Rico Bangura 11
Josh Boinske 11
Aidan Borguet 11
Keison Fowler 11
Japhire Gillett-Spio 11
Kevin Gilliano 11
Kevin Glass 11
Jeff Hun 11
Ryan Jillard 11
Colin Kane 11
Jake Koepfer 11
Colin Poisker 11
Brad Rauscher 11
Engel Rivera 11
Jimmy Vargo 11
Coulter Afflerbach 10
Dyshon Benson 10
Nigel Berry 10
Tyvon Dawkins 10
Shaikyi Hannah 10
Rick Kurceski 10
Damir Lomax 10
Marco Morales 10
Nico Morales 10
Jake Nwosu 10
Alex Roman 10
Zack Quieti 10
Ron Singletary 10
Khiyon Willis 10
Zach Worley 10
Jay Wright 10
Dawson Baptiste 9
Avery Clark 9
Sal Giuliano 9
Andre Grant 9
Matthew McCafferty 9
Tristan McCleery 9
Riley Miller 9
Teddy Weaver 9
Gabby Carbonara MGR

Headlines and News

Delsea Track and Field #2 in the State!!

Over the past two weeks, teams have started to flex their muscles and separate themselves from the pack to put themselves in a tier to be near or at the top of their respective counties and conferences and, possibly, at that same level when it comes to the sectional and group meets.

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T&F Champions

Burnett lets the numbers talk for him.

Khaliel Burnett is an elite athlete who understands he doesn’t need to talk about how good he is. He is also from Delsea High School, which treats sports reverently and old school, where the Crusaders never need to pound their chest because they already know their opponents know how good they are in sports in Franklinville.

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South Jersey Times boys track preview 2018: Athletes to watch, dates to keep

With the upcoming season among the horizon, it's time to take a look at the Track and Field athletes you should pay attention to the most. Some of these athletes, you may have heard of.

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Results (1-0)

Delsea 93.5
Deptford 40.5
Box Score