Calendar   Unified Sports Schedule

  • 4/24-2nd Annual Delsea Unified Invitational Meet

Coach   Coaches

Abbie Bilinski
[email protected]

Ron Flaim
[email protected]

roster   Roster

First Name Last Name Grade Level
Noah Bekeshka 18-21
Jared Romero 18-21
Megan Dickerson 12
Aaron DiClaudio 12
Robert Eldrige 12
Jessica McFadden 12
Sarah McFadden 12
Elle Crawford 11
Michael Mellor 11
Kyle Moss 11
Tteeffe Mukwata 11
Hailey Burkert 10
Delany Bowman 10
Michael Deveney 10
Ashley Ensman 10
Sebastian Georgescu 10
Emma McKeever 10
Karlee Morschauser 10
Julianna Sharrow 10
Haley Smith 10
Katelyn Burton 9
Samuel Hecker 9

Headlines and News

Unified Sports brings out best in everybody

Unified Sports is one of the New Jersey State Interscholastic Athletic Association's best ideas in decades. The two-year-old initiative is designed to promote inclusion and break down social barriers through shared experiences in practice and competition for students with and without special needs.

Unified sports create smiles all around

Unified sports, through a partnership with the NJSIAA and the Special Olympics, offer students with disabilities and opportunity to compete with partners without disabilities on the same field together.
“When you see their faces, it doesn’t get any better,” said Delsea athletic director Ken Schoudt, who called last year’s meet the best event he’s ever been a part of as the school’s A.D.