Delsea One Schedule

The concept of a "unit lunch" schedule has been researched by the administration at Delsea for the past four years. After multiple visits to unit-lunch high schools with dozens of Delsea staff members, we have met and brainstormed to create a "Delsea One" schedule that is unique to our school. Administrators, teachers, students had a say in the various drafts throughout the years and we are now confident that what we have created is the best schedule for the students at Delsea Regional High School.

Delsea One is a unique high school schedule that benefits the students in many ways, including the following:
  • Fewer course conflicts throughout the school day
  • Increased opportunities for enrichment and tutoring
  • Time to explore activities and clubs
  • Opportunities to demonstrate responsible decision making
  • Exposure to a collegiate atmosphere
  • Ability to catch up on homework/assignments
  • Time to relax, each lunch, and decompress
  • Click here for the video that was shown to the Delsea students outlining the new Delsea One schedule that will be implemented next year. This was a part of the presentation given to each grade level during assemblies on Thursday, May 26.